Innovation and industrial transformation in the forest bioeconomy

The bioeconomy means growth and new business opportunities

The transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based economy brings benefits for the climate and for growth. The inland areas of Scandinavia offer exceptional potential for developing a bioeconomy and replacing oil with forest raw material. But also for advancing wood technology for the construction industry, digitalising harvesting and transport, refining sawmill techniques, and so on. Welcome to the Bioeconomy Region!

If you have an innovation, we can help you to scale up your business

Here in the Bioeconomy Region you will find leading production and technology companies, research, experience and broad knowledge of production technology and plant construction. All the resources needed to establish new technology on a large scale within existing value chains.

The project goal is to help small and medium-sized enterprises to speed up the whole process from innovation and commercialisation to industrial transformation. It will also stimulate SME growth by expanding the market – both nationally and internationally.

At the same time, the larger companies gain greater opportunities to advance through new innovations and technologies. And investors find it easier to identify interesting businesses that might be the big game changer or simply a good deal – for investors, entrepreneurs, society and our future environment.

The Bioeconomy Region

The Bioeconomy Region is an Interreg project funded by the regions of Värmland and Dalarna and Säffle Municipality in Sweden, plus the county municipalities of Akershus, Hedmark, Oppland and Østfold in Norway, in partnership with Paper Province and the European regional development fund Interreg Sweden-Norway. The project also has a large number of partners from the worlds of business and academia in Norway and Sweden. Interreg Sverige-Norge

Contact us

The project is quite a new venture and this website is just temporary. In early 2018 we will be launching a new site where anyone looking for help with innovation development, test facilities, commercialisation and/or upscaling to industrial production will quickly be able to find the support they need. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact us direct and we will try our best to help.

Linda Janliden Resare
Project manager
Region Värmland
Direct +46 54 701 10 92

Monika Svanberg
Project manager
Akershus fylkeskommune
Direct +47 473 31 726